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You've come across the Sydney Day Design Blog! In this blog platform, you will see posts about new designs, behind the scenes looks at what happens at SDD (Sydney Day Design), and other artsy ideas like bullet journal spreads and more! On my site you will find cards, tags, prints, and other paper products. If you haven't already- go ahead and take a look around my site. Here I design, create, and sell my original handmade designs. Can't find what you're looking for? Contact me! I am always happy to make a custom card.

The Sydney Day Design motto: Unique~Handmade~Simple, is a representation of all products! SDD products are designed with this in mind. All products are unique from each other. They have different styles and fun fonts, making this company different from many others! Designs are always handmade. They are carefully crafted and tailored to fit your style and liking. Lastly, SDD products are simple. Pop out designs and in your face lettering styles are not always the best idea. Cards designed with simple messages and elegant fonts are practical and cute!

Want to meet me in person? Come to the Montgomery Country Kids Business Fair to see my booth! More details on my Instagram page.Subscribe to the SDD mailing list for updates on new products and sales. Follow the Sydney Day Design Instagram profile for inside looks on what happens here at SDD! Thanks for stopping by the Sydney Day Design Blog, and see you soon!


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